Sallie Mae says it has secured a $8.7 billion loan to support students affected by the COVID-19 outbreak

Sallier Moe Loan Agency has secured $8,700,000 in an insurance guarantee to help students affected after COVID disease swept through the United States.

The Australian Federal Government has announced it is investing $1.6 billion to help the Commonwealth Government’s $1 trillion relief efforts after the coronavirus hit Australia in March.

Mr Domingo said the guarantee, which was made available through the government’s Commonwealth Fund, would cover costs incurred by students and their families in the wake of the outbreak.

“This was a significant decision for the SA taxpayer,” he said.

“Our Government will continue to invest in our people’s future.”‘

This is a good deal’Sallie Moe, the Commonwealth Fund’s Commonwealth Education and Training Agency, said it was “very happy” to assist students.

“It’s good to know we’re doing this for the students and our families, particularly in the short term, but also in the longer term,” it said in a statement.

“We’re pleased to be able to support Sallies students, families and our staff who are dealing with the impact of this very serious and complex pandemic.”

The Commonwealth Fund is part of the Government’s Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, which is managing the $1 billion.

Sallies Education Department said it would work with Commonwealth governments, businesses and other stakeholders to help support students and families affected by COVID.

“The Commonwealth is also investing in support to support all our students who are impacted by this pandemic and the impact it has had on their lives,” the department said in its statement.

Mr Salles education department said it will also provide students with the following support:

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